Ark Fjordur Base Locations

Fjordur: The Ultimate Base Locations for ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark Fjordur Base Locations

Lava Dungeon Base

News: Situated at coordinates 10.8 latitude and 62.6 longitude, the Lava Dungeon outpost boasts a captivating ambiance with its twin cascading waterfalls. Its subterranean chambers provide abundant room for tactical planning and defense strategies against potential threats. This versatile base accommodates both PvE and PvP gameplay modes, ensuring a dynamic gaming experience.

The Underworld

For those in search of a concealed and well-protected base site, The Underworld emerges as the ideal selection. Nestled at coordinates 29.2 latitude and 29.4 longitude, this subterranean region serves as an excellent hideout. Furthermore, it grants access to vital resources, including water, rendering it a cozy and secure abode.

Personal Island

Picture having your exclusive island retreat in the heart of Fjordur. This base site, fashioned like a towering mountain, is a treasure trove of resources for all your survival essentials. Beyond its shoreline access, you can make full use of the inner recesses of the mountain as your base of operations. Positioned at coordinates 34.9 latitude and 94.6 longitude, it guarantees a tranquil and isolated haven for living.

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Latitude 40.5 to Longitude 57.5

Situated at the cave’s entrance, this base site guides you to an inner portal room, hailed as one of the prime base locations in Fjordur. Thanks to its strategic positioning and well-thought-out layout, it stands out as the perfect choice for establishing a secure and highly efficient base.

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Latitude 29.9 to Longitude 67.8

Located in Vanheim near the sky box, this base provides a serene and untouched environment, free from tribal conflicts and enemy interventions. Enjoy a peaceful living experience while exploring the vast landscape of Fjordur.

Latitude 00.0 to Longitude 73.5

On the northeast side of the map, you’ll find Latitude 00.0 to Longitude 73.5. This base location offers a large, one-way cave that ensures safety from enemy attacks. It provides an excellent shelter for players looking for a secure base.

Latitude 13.5 to Longitude 50.3

Another great base location is found at Latitude 13.5 to Longitude 50.3. This large one-way cave entrance comes with its own water supply and serves as an ideal hideout for players looking for additional security.

Latitude 11.3 to Longitude 75.7

Located on the northeast side of the map, Latitude 11.3 to Longitude 75.7 offers abundant natural resources to sustain your living. This location also has metal spawns that can be utilized for building your shelter, making it a practical choice for a base.

In summary, Fjordur offers players a diverse array of base locations, each offering safety, resource abundance, and strategic advantages. Whether it’s the Lava Dungeon, The Underworld, your own Personal Island, or the many cave entrances, there are distinctive opportunities to flourish in the world of ARK: Survival Evolved. Make your base selection thoughtfully and set forth on your adventure in Fjordur.


Q: Are these base locations suitable for both solo and multiplayer gameplay?

A: Yes, these base locations are suitable for both solo and multiplayer gameplay.

Q: Can I find enough resources in these base locations?

A: Yes, these base locations provide ample resources for your survival needs.

Q: Are these base locations easily accessible from other areas of the map?

A: Yes, these base locations are strategically placed and easily accessible from other areas of the map.

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