Ark Fjordur Artifact Locations

Ark Fjordur Artifact Locations

News: The latest Fjordur map is extensive and filled with numerous valuable items. However, finding all the artifacts on the map can be a challenge. Luckily, we have compiled a guide to help you locate these artifacts easily.

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Ark Fjordur Artifact Locations

On the Fjordur map, you will find a total of nine different artifacts. Here are their detailed locations:

1. Artifact Of The Hunter

Coordinates: Lat 3.3, Lon 32.6

This artifact can be found in the Drenghemir Caves in the northwest of the Fjordur map. To access the cave, you need to destroy a large rock. Beware of underground burrowing Purlovias and bats while exploring the cave.

2. Artifact Of The Strong

Coordinates: Lat 9.9, Lon 84.3

You can acquire this artifact at the end of the Bear Caverns, located north of the redwoods. Be cautious of bears, Titanoboas, spiders, and flying insects that inhabit the cavern.

3. Artifact Of The Brute

Coordinates: Lat 49.4, Lon 14.3

This artifact is located on the Swamp island on Bolbjord. The cave housing the artifact is filled with poisonous gases, so remember to wear a gas mask before entering. Beware of arthros, spiders, bats, and leeches within the cave.

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4. Artifact Of The Immune

Coordinates: Lat 90.8, Lon 78.1

You can find this artifact on the volcano island inside the Mount Doom Caverns. While the path to the artifact is straightforward, you should remain cautious of bats, arthros, and scorpions.

5. Artifact Of The Skylord

Coordinates: Lat 7.7, Lon 23.5

This artifact can be discovered inside the Frozen Fortress. It is crucial to have thermal insulation to protect yourself from the freezing temperatures inside. Be prepared to encounter wolves, apes, and bears within the fortress, and make sure to bring a grappling hook to access loot crates.

6. Artifact Of The Pack And Clever

Coordinates: Lat 21.2, Lon 57.4

To obtain the artifacts of Pack and Clever, you must navigate through the Molten Caverns. Grappling around amidst the molten lava will allow you to acquire both artifacts using your parkour skills. Eventually, you will reach a divergence where both paths lead to an artifact.

7. Artifact Of The Devourer

Coordinates: Lat 3.3, Lon 3.7

To obtain the artifact of the Devourer, venture through the vertical tunnel inside the Mariana Caverns. Deep underwater, you will encounter sea creatures like jellyfish and eels. It is advisable to bring an aquatic tame, such as a Basilosaurus, to protect yourself from shocks and stuns.

8. Artifact Of The Cunning

Coordinates: Lat 76.8, Lon 66.0

To acquire the Artifact of the Cunning, dive underwater and locate the entrance to the Forgotten Caverns. Swim smartly through the underwater entrance, and be cautious of arthros, scorpions, and bats. There will also be a shipwreck to cross on your way to the cave.

9. Artifact Of The Massive

Coordinates: Lat 71.8, Lon 1.2

The Nidisheim Depths houses the last artifact known as the Artifact of the Massive. You will need an aquatic tame to obtain this artifact. Traverse through the traps and puzzles of the Labyrinth amidst the underground ruins to discover the artifact.

In conclusion, we have provided the locations of all nine artifacts: Hunter, Strong, Brute, Immune, Skylord, Pack, Clever, Devourer, Cunning, and Massive. We hope this guide helps you safely acquire these unique artifacts.


Q: Are there any dangers I should be aware of when searching for these artifacts?

A: Yes, each artifact location has its own set of dangers such as creatures, hazardous environments, and traps. Make sure to come prepared with the necessary equipment and tames to tackle these challenges.

Q: Can I obtain these artifacts solo, or do I need a tribe?

A: It is possible to obtain these artifacts solo, but having a tribe or a group of friends can make the process easier and safer. Working together allows for better coordination and support during artifact retrieval.

Q: Are there any special requirements to access these artifact locations?

A: Some artifact locations may require specific items like gas masks or thermal insulation to safely explore the caves or fortresses. Be sure to gather the necessary equipment before embarking on your artifact hunting journey.

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