Ark Fjordur Admin Commands: Spawn Mjolnir Runestone Desmodus

Ark Fjordur Admin Commands: Easily Access Creatures and Artifacts

Ark Fjordur Admin Commands: Easily Access Creatures and Artifacts

News: Surviving in the world of Ark Fjordur can be a formidable task without the right tools and resources. However, by utilizing admin commands, you can effortlessly summon creatures, teleport to various locations, and collect valuable artifacts, circumventing the usual challenges. This article explores the spectrum of admin commands available in Ark Fjordur and offers guidance on how to enhance your gaming experience.

Opening the Console and Entering Commands

To activate the admin commands within Ark Fjordur, you must access the console on your device. For Xbox, use the combination X+Y+R1+L1, and on PlayStation, press Triangle+R1+X+L1 to open the console. Once the console is accessible, you can enter commands and trigger their respective functions.

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Teleportation Commands

Among the most invaluable admin commands in Ark Fjordur, the teleportation command stands out. This command empowers you to swiftly relocate your character from one area to another. Here are some frequently used teleportation commands:

– **Cheat TP AS** or **Cheat TP JO**: Transports your character to the designated region.

– **Cheat TP VAL**, **Cheat TP RED**, **Cheat TP GREEN**, **Cheat TP BLUE**: Transports your character to the corresponding color-coded regions.

By employing these commands, you can effortlessly navigate the map, exploring diverse territories without the necessity of traditional travel.

Mjolnir Command

Mjolnir is a potent weapon within Ark Fjordur, and procuring it can prove to be quite a challenge. Nevertheless, by using the admin command “Gfi Mjolnir 100,” you can promptly obtain the Mjolnir skin, bypassing the need to vanquish the mini-bosses and the alpha fernir. Just input the command into the admin console, and the skin will be seamlessly added to your inventory.

Spawn Commands

In Ark Fjordur, when you’re looking to swiftly summon boss trophies or creatures, spawn commands become your invaluable companions. These commands enable you to bring forth bosses and creatures without the necessity of taming them. Here are a few examples of spawn commands:

– **Cheat gfi fenrirboss 1 0 0**
– **Cheat gfi fenrirboss_gamma 1 0 0**
– **Cheat gfi fenrirboss_alpha1 0 0**
– **Cheat gfi fenrirboss_beta 1 0 0**: These commands are used to spawn various Fenrir boss trophies.

– **Cheat gfi Fjordur 1 0 0 (flag)**: This command spawns the Fjordur boss trophy.

By employing these spawn commands, you can swiftly accumulate boss trophies and proudly exhibit your in-game accomplishments.

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Artifact Spawn

Artifacts hold significant value in Ark Fjordur, typically requiring hard-fought boss battles to obtain. However, with the aid of admin commands, acquiring these artifacts becomes a straightforward task, circumventing the demanding combat trials. Here are commands to spawn artifacts directly into your inventory:

– **Cheat gfi PrimalltemArtifact_12 1 1 0**
– **Cheat gfi PrimalltemArtifact_09 1 1 0**
– **Cheat gfi PrimalltemArtifact_01 1 1 0**
– **Cheat gfi PrimalltemArtifact_02 1 1 0**
– **Cheat gfi PrimalltemArtifact_03 1 1 0**
– **Cheat gfi PrimalltemArtifact_05 1 1 0**
– **Cheat gfi PrimalltemArtifact_07 1 1 0**
– **Cheat gfi PrimalltemArtifact_08 1 1 0**
– **Cheat gfi PrimalltemArtifact_11 1 1 0**: These commands instantly spawn various artifacts in your inventory.

With these commands at your disposal, you can effortlessly acquire the artifacts you need, bypassing the arduous boss battles.

Item Spawn Command

Finding specific items in Ark Fjordur can be time-consuming and risky. With item spawn commands, you can instantly possess the desired items without having to search for them. Here are some item spawn commands:

  • Cheat gfi Runestone 1 0 0Cheat gfi Andrewsarchussaddle 1 0 0Cheat gfi Mjolnir 1 0 0Cheat gfi desmodusaddle 1 0 0Cheat gfi sanginueelixer 1 0 0Cheat gfi egg_FjordFjordhawk 1 0 0: Spawns different items in the game.

By using these commands, you can gather the necessary items for your gameplay without any hassle.

Creature Spawn Commands

If you’re keen on encountering specific creatures in Ark Fjordur without the need for taming, creature spawn commands come to the rescue. These commands empower you to directly summon creatures into the game. Here are a few examples:

– **Cheat summon Desmodus_Character_BP_C**
– **Cheat summon Andrewsarchus_Character_BP_C**
– **Cheat summon Fenrir_Character_BP_C**
– **Cheat summon Fjordhawk_Character_BP_C**
– **Cheat summon Fenrir_character_BP_MiniBoss_Hati_C**
– **Cheat summon Fenrir_character_BP_MiniBoss_Skoll_C**
– **Cheat summon Fenrir_character_BP_C**: These commands are used to summon a variety of creatures.

By employing these commands, you can interact with a diverse range of creatures and immerse yourself in the game’s unique experiences.

Runestone Command

Runestones are essential resources in Ark Fjordur, and finding them can be challenging. However, with the admin command “cheat gfi runestone 1 0 0” or “Gfi Runes 100 0 0,” you can instantly add runestones to your inventory. This command saves you from the hassle of searching for runestones and allows you to focus on other aspects of the game.

Admin commands in Ark Fjordur provide players with a convenient way to access creatures, artifacts, and items in the game. By using these commands, you can save time and enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you need to teleport, spawn creatures, or collect valuable items, admin commands can make your journey in Ark Fjordur much more enjoyable. So, don’t hesitate to use these commands and make the most out of your gaming experience.


Q: Can using admin commands in Ark Fjordur affect my gameplay experience?

A: No, using admin commands will only enhance your gameplay experience by providing you with convenient tools and resources.

Q: Are there any limitations to using admin commands in Ark Fjordur?

A: While admin commands can provide you with various advantages, it’s important to use them responsibly and maintain the balance of the game.

Q: Can I use admin commands in multiplayer mode?

A: It depends on the server settings. Some multiplayer servers allow the use of admin commands, while others may have restrictions in place.

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