Ark Fjodur: Sulfur Lunar Cave

The Nordic Survival Game in Ark Fjordur

The Nordic Survival Game in Ark Fjordur

What is Sulfur in Ark Fjordur?

News: Sulfur holds significant value in Ark Fjordur as a crucial resource for crafting various items, including Propellant, flamethrowers, and for preserving salt. Taming rock elementals in Fjordur also necessitates the use of sulfur. However, this essential resource is exclusively located on the volcanic island. Once you obtain sulfur from this island, you can effectively meet your crafting and taming requirements within Ark Fjordur.

Location of Sulfur in Ark Fjordur

In the Balheimr Pools of the Fjordur map, sulfur can be found amidst the Golden Rock Mountains. To reach this location, head towards the volcano island situated at coordinates 72.8 and 90.1. Here, you’ll encounter the “Balhemir Sulfur Pools,” recognized by their large, gleaming golden rocks. To harvest sulfur, you’ll need to excavate the shimmering stones embedded in the ground. Given its location in the volcano region, it’s crucial to come well-prepared. Equip yourself with a desert outfit and bring along either a rock elemental, magmasaur, or a pickaxe for efficient sulfur mining.

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The Lunar Cave in Ark Fjordur

Located at coordinates 86.0 and 98.2 in the lower right section of the Fjordur map, the Lunar Cave in Ark Fjordur is a mesmerizing underwater grotto that glows with enchanting luminescence. This unique cave provides players with an opportunity to encounter a diverse array of creatures and marine life. Unlike conventional caves, the Lunar Cave lacks a direct entrance and is accessible through a submerged passage. Plunge into the water, where you’ll be greeted by vibrant emerald reefs and glistening climbers. Descend along the path and veer right to discover a narrow opening leading into the Lunar Cave. Once inside, you’ll experience a surreal sense of weightlessness due to the absence of gravity. Astonishingly, this tranquil haven is devoid of dinosaurs, monsters, or predatory creatures. The cave’s ethereal beauty is further enhanced by its connection to other petite islands within its boundaries.

In Ark Fjordur, sulfur is a vital resource essential for crafting crucial equipment and preserving salt. To acquire sulfur, venture into the volcano region on the Fjordur map, specifically to the Balheimr Pools with the given coordinates. The Lunar Cave, positioned at 86.0 and 98.2, is an awe-inspiring underwater cavern teeming with unique creatures and precious minerals. Noteworthy for its gravity-defying environment and the absence of predatory creatures, the Lunar Cave offers a safe and mesmerizing experience for players exploring Fjordur. We trust that this article has furnished valuable insights into the locations of sulfur and the Lunar Cave in Ark Fjordur.


1. What is the purpose of sulfur in Ark Fjordur?

Sulfur in Ark Fjordur is used for crafting equipment and materials, preserving salt, and taming rock elementals.

2. Where can I find sulfur in Ark Fjordur?

Sulfur can be found in the Balheimr Pools region, specifically on the volcano island with coordinates 72.8 and 90.1.

3. What makes the Lunar Cave in Ark Fjordur unique?

The Lunar Cave in Ark Fjordur is unique due to its underwater location, lack of gravity, and absence of carnivorous creatures.

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