Amazon Delivery Jobs 2020-21 | logistics amazon apply now,Create Account on [email protected]

Amazon Delivery Jobs 2020-21 | logistics amazon apply now, Create Account on portal

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce portals in India, offering its delivery services in India. Due to the customers’ massive demand and order bookings, it becomes inevitable for Amazon to tie-up with the delivery providers. The objective behind collaborating with the external delivery providers is to make the delivery processes fast and flexible.However, the Amazon Portal is welcoming the aspirant delivery providers under Amazon Delivery Jobs 2020-21

The interested delivery providers can register on the Amazon Logistics Portal by creating the Account on Amazon. Besides, the Delivery Providers can visit the amazon logistics portal and get registered as a Delivery Provider. 

Amazon Delivery Jobs 2020-21

Amazon Delivery Jobs 2020-21 | logistics amazon apply now, Create Account on portal

In this article, we explain to you about the Amazon Delivery Jobs,How Amazon Delivery Service Providers Work, Applying on the logistics amazon portal, and step by step procedure to Create an Account on the portal.

How Amazon Service Delivery Providers Work

Let us see the step by step process in which the Amazon Service Delivery Providers work in detail. This is for the applicants who want to register as a Service Delivery Providers on Amazon Logistics Portal.

  • The service provider has to initially check the availability of Amazon Services in the desired geographical area.
  • He/She should own a vehicle or a fleet of delivery vehicles.
  • The aspirant applicant should get registered on the Amazon Logistics Portal.
  • After the successful registration and tie-up with Amazon Logistics, the Delivery Providers can start their Operations.
  • The Delivery Provider should collect the parcels in their vehicles at the regional location in the first step.
  • Amazon’s Routing Technology helps the Delivery Providers to navigate to the destinations efficiently.

In the last step, the Delivery Providers can earn money by delivering the parcels at the desired location.

How to Create Account on the Amazon Logistics Portal @

  • Visit the official website of Amazon Logistics.
  • It takes the user to the Home Page of the Website.
Amazon Delivery Jobs 2020-21
  • Click on the Apply on the top of the page.
  • Click on the Create Account on the redirected page.
Amazon Delivery Jobs 2020-21
  • It then takes you to the page which displays the account registration page below.
Amazon Delivery Jobs 2020-21
  • Enter your Name, Active Email ID, and Password you want to set for the Amazon Logistics Account.
  • For security purposes, please enter the Password again and Reconfirm it in the given field.
  • Verify all the details entered, and click on the Create Your Amazon Account.

How to Apply for Amazon Delivery Jobs on Logistics Amazon @

  • It redirects you to the below page to start the application process.
  • Enter the location in the given field. For example, here, the applicant entered the place as Kakinada.
Amazon Delivery Jobs 2020-21
  • On the newly turned page, enter the cities where you would like to deliver your services.
  • It then displays the below form on the same page where the user should enter his/her details.
  • In the form, Enter the Trade or DBA Name, Company Address, Registered Company Name, First Name, Town/City, Surname, Website Details, Company, Phone, Company’s years, Vehicles availability, and Deliver Type.
  • Verify all the details and click on the Submit Button.
  • After submitting the details, you will receive an acknowledgment from the logistics team that your registration has been successful.
  • After submission, go to the top of the page and click on the Sign Out tab.
  • Keep the acknowledgment safe for future communication with Amazon.

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Amazon Delivery Jobs 2020-21 FAQ

What are the mandatory details I should submit to create the amazon account?

The applicant should have a valid Email ID for the creation of a Logistics Amazon Account. Besides, during the registration, the service providers should provide the details of their company.

What are the basic requirement to apply for Amazon Logistics Service?

The applicants should have delivery vehicles and delivery personnel to get registered as Amazon Delivery Services Provider.

What is the duration of the application process to get registered on the Amazon Logistics Portal?

It hardly takes 10 minutes to finish the portal’s application process, but it takes some time to get official confirmation from the Amazon Logistics Services.

What is the frequency of payment to the Delivery Provider by Amazon?

Amazon pays the weekly payment to the Delivery Providers through direct cash payment online.

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