7 Best STEPN Alternatives

7 Best Alternatives to STEPN: Earn Crypto While Staying Active

7 Best Alternatives to STEPN: Earn Crypto While Staying Active

STEP – Earn Crypto While Walking or Running

News: STEP is a fitness app that motivates individuals to walk or run and adopt a healthier lifestyle without relying on technology or vehicles. By linking your digital wallet to the Binance Smart chain, you can earn the in-game currency called “$Step.” With a minimum of 4000 daily steps, you can earn approximately $5 – $25 BNB per week. If you’re interested in STEP, visit their official website for more information.

SWEATCOIN – Track Activities and Earn Cryptocurrency

SweatCoin is an activity tracker app that records and tracks various activities and rewards users with an in-game currency called “$Sweat.” This currency can be converted into cryptocurrency, and you can also purchase fitness-related gadgets and equipment. SweatCoin utilizes the NEAR blockchain, offering promising investment opportunities. To learn more about SweatCoin, visit their website.

GENOPETS – NFT Game for Mind, Body, and Soul

Genopets is a top-notch NFT game that goes beyond fitness activities and incorporates virtual training for the mind and soul. This game features a battle mode where your physical and mental abilities are utilized through a virtual spirit animal. The tokens you earn after each battle are “$GENE” and “$KI,” and the game operates on the Solana blockchain. To play Genopets, visit their official website.

DUSTLAND RUNNERS – An Audio Fitness Game

Dustland Runners is an innovative audio fitness game that rewards you based on the distance you cover. It is the first audio-based fitness game and employs the Polygon blockchain. By playing Dustland Runners, you can earn NFTs and the in-game token called “DOSE.” For more information, visit their official website.

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DOTMOOVS – Compete Globally in Football and Dance

DotMoovs offers a unique twist by allowing users to compete globally in football and dance. This NFT game app enables you to earn rewards, including NFTs and tokens, as well as digital gadgets. DotMoovs stands out as the first NFT game app that offers multiple game options globally. The token you earn in DotMoovs is called “MOOV,” and it operates on the Binance Smart Chain. To learn more about DotMoovs, visit their official website.

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STEP is a fitness app aimed at motivating individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle by walking or running, all while reducing their reliance on technology and vehicles. Linking your digital wallet to the Binance Smart Chain allows you to earn the in-game currency “$Step.” With a minimum of 4,000 daily steps, you can potentially earn $5 to $25 in Binance Coin (BNB) per week. To discover more about STEP, we invite you to visit their official website.

MoveZ – Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle with Web3 Technology

Introducing MoveZ, the pioneering fully decentralized and deflationary move-to-earn application worldwide. This innovative app seamlessly blends fitness with Web3 technology, inspiring users to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Featuring NFT boosters and an array of exceptional functionalities, MoveZ provides an unparalleled avenue for earning rewards. To delve deeper into this remarkable application, we encourage you to visit their official website.

Aglet – The Game for Sneakerheads

Aglet is a move-to-earn game specifically designed for sneaker enthusiasts. By converting your physical steps into the in-game currency called “Aglet,” you can purchase and collect virtual sneakers from popular brands like Adidas, New Balance, ASICS, Vans, and Yeezy. To indulge in this game for sneakerheads, visit their website.

The growing need for platforms that motivate individuals to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle has given rise to a range of alternatives to STEPN. The seven options mentioned above each bring their own distinctive features and avenues to earn cryptocurrencies and tokens by engaging in fitness-related activities. Whether you prefer walking, running, battling virtual creatures, or participating in sports competitions, these alternatives offer captivating ways to stay active while reaping rewards. So, engage your mind, enhance your well-being, and embark on the journey to earn the crypto coins and tokens of your choice by exploring these STEPN alternatives.


1. What is the minimum daily step requirement for earning rewards in STEP?

The minimum daily step requirement for earning rewards in STEP is up to 4000 steps.

2. Can I convert SweatCoin currency into cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can convert SweatCoin currency into cryptocurrency.

3. What is the unique feature of Aglet?

The unique feature of Aglet is that it is specifically designed for sneaker enthusiasts.

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